Training Paces

Training at the same pace every session won’t get you to achieve new heights. Incorporating different types of training runs into your programme – at the right time – will have you running PBs in no time. But before you can incorporate different types of training runs, you’ll need to understand what pace to run for each type of training run. Diversifying your training programme without understanding your pacing can lead you to running your easy runs too fast and/or your speed workouts too slowly. Both mistakes may reduce your chances of improvement.

To know your training paces, enter a recent race time into the training pace calculator at The calculator will give your pacing for the different training runs, which should ensure that you run each session at the correct pace. For more information on the different types of runs, visit

Now that you know your different paces, it is important that you train with the group that matches your easy pace.  To accommodate our members, the coaching structure has been restructured to provide for the training needs of walkers and runners from 5.5 min/km up to 10 min/km.

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